Incorporating Recycling Into Your Company’s Waste Management

A business can produce a vast amount of trash and waste over the course of its operations. For a business that is wanting to reduce the amount of trash that it is sending to the landfills, there are recycling services that can be a convenient option for meeting this need.

Consider The Full Range Of Items That Your Company Will Be Recycling

As you are creating a plan for managing your company's trash disposal needs, there will be a need to identify the full range of items and materials that you will need to dispose of during this process. This can give you an idea of the volume of materials that you will be recycling as well as the number of containers that you may need. This is especially important when you are planning to separate the waste as you will need to ensure that the containers are suitable for the various quantities of waste that could be expected.

Assess The Space Available For The Recycling Containers

The amount of space that you can dedicate to dumpsters and recycling containers will be limited. These limitations can be especially limiting for those in smaller buildings or lots. Measuring this space can give you an idea about the size of the recycling containers that you will be able to use. In instances where this space is particularly limited or you will be producing large amounts of recyclable waste, opting for a single-stream recycling service can allow you to be more efficient with this space. This is due to the fact that you will be able to deposit all of the recyclable waste in a single container when you are using this option for your business.

Ensure Employees Are Trained On The Best Practices For Recycling Their Waste

If your business will be adopting recycling for the first time, it can be beneficial to make sure that you are training your workers on the best practices for using this option. In cases where you have separate containers for the types of recyclable waste, employees will need to be trained on the importance of properly sorting these materials. Sorting these items is not the only type of preparation work that will need to be followed. For example, containers that have fluids in them should always be emptied. If they contained beverages or foods, they may also benefit from being rinsed. Rinsing these containers can dramatically reduce the risk of pests being drawn to the recycling containers.

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