2 Ways That Swim Spas Can Benefit Hospitality Businesses

When it comes to bolstering hotel or motel amenities, owners have no shortage of choices. Gyms, pools, spas, room service, and breakfast are just a few of many options. However, when it comes to innovative solutions for forward-thinking companies, few options are as enticing as swim spas. These rejuvenating above-ground pool and hot tub alternatives provide an endless source of relaxation and fun for both customers and employees alike. Not only do they create enjoyable experiences, but swim spas can provide your business with many direct benefits. Here are two ways that swim spas can benefit hospitality businesses.

Swim Spas Can Increase Business Revenue

Improving and building upon your selection of amenities means that you can charge more for your services. Few customers will complain about a transparent increase in prices if the customers know that what they're getting in exchange is worthwhile. By equipping your hotel with a swim spa as an amenity, you can adjust your fees accordingly. When executed correctly, this change in fee can contribute positively to your overall business revenue. A great time to consider this strategy is if your hospitality business is frequently overbooked.

Ordinarily, being overbooked might be considered a good thing for a business. However, depending on your business goals, overbooking can limit the growth and revenue potential of your hospitality business. Increased fees can reduce the frequency of overbooking, reducing employee stress and churn, and improving your customer experience. As always, consult your business and audience data to confirm if increased fees are the right choice for your company. Communicate the change to your customers and ask for their opinions, if possible. An increased fee may turn away some customers, but those who appreciate and utilize your swim spa will thank you. Your bottom line will thank you as well.

Swim Spas Foster a Positive and Healthy Brand Image

Swim spas offer numerous health and wellness benefits to your customers. Swim spas are great for aquatic exercise, recreation, stress relief, and relaxation, making them an appealing option for all ages. The ability to change the water temperature makes them a great option year-round, ensuring consistent access to these benefits. In addition, you can offer swim spa access as a benefit for your employees, allowing them to get in on the fun and experience these benefits for themselves. This can foster a positive employee environment. Happier employees and customers will ultimately reflect positively upon your business as an ideal place for wellness and relaxation.


Swim spas are flexible assets that can improve your hospitality experience. To cultivate a positive and healthy environment at your hospitality business, contact your swim spa provider today!