The Value Of Ultrasonic Examinations In Code Compliance

Weld quality is an important part of meeting the specifications of a project. If your weld quality isn't what it should be, it may not have the strength necessary to meet its intended function, or it may even lead to safety concerns. The weld might also not have an appearance that is satisfactory. Therefore, a phased-array ultrasonic examination might be necessary to assess the quality of your weld.

The Importance of High-Quality Welds

A high-quality weld will not have any distortions that interfere with the dimensions of the product. The beads will be uniform in height and weight. The weld will be strong enough for the application. The weld also will not have any cracks. 

Weld Quality Assessments

A phased-array ultrasonic examination can assist you in verifying the quality of a weld. For example, it can be used to detect a crack and can also determine how large the crack is. A phased-array ultrasonic examination stores data that can then be accessed and reviewed at a later time if necessary. It requires less manpower. This form of testing is also very repeatable. It can be tailored to each situation. 

Ultrasonic Examinations Vs. Radiographic Examinations

Small ultrasonic transducers pulse at different intervals. This creates a pattern of constructive interference. Changing the time delay allows for the beam to be steered through electronics. The beam can travel through the weld to create a visual image of the object. Because the object being tested is not altered, this method of examination is considered non-destructive. Also, because it does not require the object to be altered, it is much more efficient. For example, other methods may require that the weld be penetrated to test it for any errors. 

There are other non-destructive methods that exist, such as radiographic inspection. However, this is not as efficient or effective and also produces radiation that can become an environmental hazard. Therefore, this option is not suitable for sensitive areas.

Examining Wall Thickness

Phased-array ultrasonic examinations are able to determine wall thickness as well. This can be effective in determining the extent to where a weld has corroded. Corrosion inspection is important when determining if a welded product needs to be repaired or replaced.

Code Compliance

One of the primary reasons why this form of testing is so important is that it allows welders to remain up-to-code. Examination methods must be considered accurate enough to be suitable for code compliance.