Window-Related Jobs That A Handyman Can Do For You

There are a number of window-related jobs that are important for every homeowner to perform, but you may not feel competent to tackle some of them yourself. Instead of neglecting this work, think about contacting a local handyman service to ask for help. You'll typically find that handymen can lend a hand to a wide range of jobs that relate to your windows. Make a list of the tasks that you need completed and find a handyman who can tackle all of them. Here are some jobs for which you may want to seek this professional assistance.

Window Washing

Washing your windows can go a long way toward making the interior and exterior of your home look clean and cared for. For some homeowners, this task can be daunting. If you're elderly, for example, you might be reluctant to get onto a ladder to clean the exterior of your windows, given the risks of falling. A handyman service can thoroughly clean your windows inside and out. This work can include the windows on your second story, which your handyman can access from the outside with an extension ladder.

Window Screen Replacement

Over time, the screens on some of your windows can sustain damage. If you have a cat, for example, it might scratch at the screen and rip a hole in it. Torn window screens can make your home look unkempt, but they can also cause pests such as mosquitoes to enter your residence. If you have one or more window screens that are in rough shape, a local handyman can help. They can replace the damaged screens for you, which can immediately improve the look of the window as a whole.

Window Caulking

Air from your home can often escape through small gaps around the trim of your windows. This can especially be a concern in the summer and winter, when you're paying to cool and heat your home, respectively. This loss of cold or hot air can unnecessarily inflate your utility costs, so it's important to be proactive if you realize there's a draft around one or more windows. Bring this issue to the attention of your handyman, and they can seal the gaps with caulking. The handyman will use weatherproof caulking outside, as this product won't deteriorate when it comes into contact with moisture. There are several other window-related jobs that a handyman can perform for you, so contact a handyman in your area to discuss your task list.