Strengthen Your Defense Strategies

Forensic scientists analyze crime scene details, which can help a prosecuting team acquire a guilty verdict against the perpetrator who was initially arrested for a crime. On the opposite side of the legal battle, a defendant may be wrongfully sentenced for a crime that they didn't commit if the evidence isn't analyzed thoroughly or if any questions exist that could possibly reprieve the accused. As a lawyer, it is your duty to uncover the truth and provide support for your client. Consulting with a forensics team may aid in preparing a case.

A More Detailed Analysis

The amount of time that is dedicated to the forensics surrounding a case and the outcome of the findings may differ based upon the expertise of a forensics team, the amount of data that was collected, the location where a crime was committed, and any extenuating circumstances that may have altered proof that was collected.

If you receive lab reports or detailed information from a forensic pathologist and it doesn't coincide with the written information you have, you may be concerned about the angle you will take when defending a client. A forensic crime scene consulting group is an outside source that will go over the initial findings and will compile a report based upon their own findings. 

Supportive Evidence Or A Different Scenario

It can be frustrating to not know how a crime unfolded, especially when you will be asked a series of questions in the courtroom and you want to come across as clear and confident. A consulting group is a resource that will help you better prepare for each case. The information that is furnished will explain the details that are found in the initial lab or forensic report.

You may be supplied with supportive evidence, which will put things into perspective. For instance, maybe you initially were skeptical about the blood splatters that were found at a particular crime scene. A consulting group may have discovered that the weather or the condition of the firearm contributed to the results.

If the consulting group members come up with a different scenario than what you were led to believe with the initial findings, you will have the opportunity to delve further into the case, to discover more supportive evidence of the findings. Any information that you receive through a consulting group will be signed off on and can be presented in a court of law. 

To learn more, contact a forensic crime scene consulting group.