Recycling Catalytic Convertors For Cash

There are many car parts that have value, and often selling used parts is an excellent way to make a little money, but one part that is often overlooked is the old catalytic converter from the exhaust system of the car. Many people replace these parts and throw away the old convertors without knowing that there is, in fact, a market for these used parts.

Catalytic Converter Value

Most people do not know about the value of the catalytic converters under their car. The metal side of the converter is where the value comes in, and there are catalytic convertor recycling services that will pay money for the cats to get to the metal inside. 

Catalytic converters can have platinum, palladium, copper, nickel, cerium, rhodium, manganese, and iron inside the case. These metals are sought after for many different things like jewelry-making, electronics, and many other industrial processes. 

The amount of these materials and the type is different from one unit to another, so the catalytic converter recycling service will need to know what the cat came off to offer you a price. The service may have a general price for units that are not identifiable, but it is better to know what the make and model vehicle the unit came from so you are not giving it away for half of what it is worth. 

Local Recyclers

If you can find a local catalytic convertor recycling service to work with, you can take the unit to them, and they will make you an offer for it. The recycler may be able to identify the unit with the part numbers stamped in the case and other identifying marks on it. 

Once they buy the convertor from you, the recycler will open the unit and remove the metals and sort them. The metal is cleaned and sold to vendors looking for that material for use in their production process. 

Online Recyclers

If you can't find a recycler near you, there are many catalytic converter recycler services listed online that you can work with. The process is not that much different than a local transaction. You need to let the recycler know what you have, and they can offer you a price. If you are happy with that price, you will ship the catalytic converter to them, and they will pay you for it. 

The shipping and payment options can be different for each recycler, so you will need to get the details about how to ship the part and when to expect payment for it directly from the company you are working with.

To learn more, reach out to a local catalytic converter recycling service.