Should You Go To Rehab For Marijuana Addiction?

Marijuana is often thought of as an entirely safe drug with no potential addiction. While it's true that marijuana doesn't have the same potential to cause fatal overdoses like opiates or fatal withdrawals like alcohol or benzodiazepines, but it's still a psychoactive drug with the potential to cause a serious mental dependency. For some users, it's extremely hard to quit.

Unfortunately, the popular view of marijuana as a "soft drug" has led some addicts to think that rehab is not an option for them. This isn't true—drug rehab programs are for everyone who is addicted to a substance, regardless of what it is. If you feel like marijuana is negatively affecting your life, consider enrolling in a drug rehab program.

Do You Feel Constantly Bored While Sober?

If you find that you're only able to have fun when you're high, then you may want to consider checking into a drug rehab program in order to stop smoking marijuana. This can potentially be a sign of depression known as anhedonia, and some people turn to marijuana in order to mask it.

At a drug rehab program, you'll have access to psychological counseling that can help you determine if you use self-marijuana to medicate depression. From there, you can develop coping strategies or find a medication that can help alleviate your symptoms. By correcting underlying conditions, you'll no longer need to turn to marijuana to find relief.

Do You Go to Work or School High?

Heavy marijuana smokers often do as much as they can while high, including going to work or school. Unfortunately, this is fairly risky behavior. Even if your job doesn't randomly drug test, they may decide to test you on the spot for marijuana if they believe that you're high. You may lose your job as a result.

You're unlikely to be drug tested at school, but going to class high can interfere with your ability to pay attention and remember important concepts. When your smoking reaches this level, it may be a good idea to attend a drug rehab program in order to prevent marijuana from affecting your professional or academic life.

Does Marijuana Interferes With Your Goals?

One of the worst effects of heavy smoking is that it can cause an extreme lack of motivation. Setting and achieving goals can become nearly impossible, leading heavy smokers to feel like they're stuck in a rut.

Career, family, and friendships can all suffer when you're spending most of your afternoons smoking marijuana rather than making plans or working on a hobby that interests you. If you feel like marijuana is an impediment to advancing in life, a drug rehab program can help you quit and develop the skills you need to set realistic goals and achieve them.

Do You Only Hang Out With Your Friends While You're High?

Many marijuana users are introduced to it through friends. From there, they tend to form more friendships with people who also smoke marijuana. Unfortunately, this can be a serious hindrance to recovery. When your social life revolves around smoking marijuana, it can be uncomfortable when you try to quit. Worse, many current smokers can feel that it's impossible to become addicted to marijuana—they may not understand why you're trying to quit.

Thankfully, a drug rehab program gives you a chance to quit and recover in a completely new environment. You won't have your friends influencing you or holding you back. The others in the program will be there for the same reason you are—to finally free their lives from addiction.

If you feel like you may be addicted to marijuana, it's worth scheduling a stay in a drug rehab program in order to quit. A drug rehab program will provide you with continuous counseling and support throughout your stay, allowing you to find out what may have led you to become addicted to marijuana in the first place and how you can develop coping skills that can help you stop for good. Contact a drug rehab program for more information.