Wine Cellar Features That Increase A Home’s Value

In France, wine cellars are still called caves and a small cave often comes with an apartment. But for many homeowners, wine cellars are a luxury that can add value to a home. Whether you have a small walk-in cave or large wine vault with built-in mahogany shelves and climate control, a wine cellar can add value to your home.

If you want to build a custom wine cellar for an emotional appeal that no wine aficionado or collector could resist, start collecting advice from sommeliers. The following are key wine cellar features that add value to a home. 

Built-in Shelves 

If one feature distinguishes a high-end wine vault, it is built-in wooden shelves made from fine wood. The average wine cellar costs $40,000 to build, with costs ranging from $5,000 to $100,000. The wine cabinets make up most of this cost. 

Portable wine cellar racks can be bought for a low price and work well in walk-in cellars. But if you want to build a custom wine cellar with the presence of a grand home library room, consider built-in racks made of fine wood. 

The smell of solid oak rafting back to the wine aging in vineyards is hard to resist as a wood choice, but polished mahogany, pine, and other veneer finishes are popular, too. The cellar can be developed gradually, with new cabinets added over time to create a built-in cabinet look. 

Smart Climate Control

Smart climate control features will ensure your fine wines age with grace. Your wine cabinets should provide: 

  • automatically adjusted temperature and humidity according to your preset targets
  • good air filtration
  • automatic closing doors
  • no heat LED lights activated when a person enters the room 
  • high energy savings

Wine collectors can monitor their wine cellar conditions and wine collection on smart apps. 

A Wine Tasting Bar 

The wine cellar is one of the most appreciated but least shared rooms in a home. Wine rooms with a wine tasting space have more appeal. Inviting guests into the wine vault to taste a few dessert wines after dinner is a way to end the evening on a pleasant note. And why not show off your wine cellar? 

A few design elements can create the look you desire. Stone walls, an antique door, and a few oak barrels can create the ambiance of an authentic wine cellar. While others prefer a touch of modernity alongside their smart home features. Custom wine cellar services can advise on and source the best functional and design elements for your custom wine cellar.