Does A Restructuring Of Your Nonprofit Require A Change In Your Fundraising Strategies? 3 Benefits Of Hiring A Consultant

Strategic restructuring is often necessary for nonprofits to continue to grow and provide the services that people expect. Whether your nonprofit just went through a merger or a back-office consolidation, decisions were made to ensure that your company thrives. The time following a restructuring of your business is also an ideal time to review your current fundraising plans. 

Right now, you have an opportunity to present your nonprofit in a new light, and you may also need to cultivate a positive image for your company if the changes generated some conflict among the staff. As you review your past fundraising campaigns, consider these ways that hiring a fundraising consultant can help your newly restructured nonprofit work towards a successful future.

Get Impartial Feedback On Fundraising Plans

The restructure might have led to new people being put into positions of authority. While this is a good thing, you might also run into the problem of no one wanting to say the truth about what they think when a new fundraising campaign is presented. A fundraising campaign consultant represents an impartial party. They can gather information from your board members without anyone feeling as though their position on the topic could damage their personal and professional relationships.

Develop a New Annual Campaign

The annual campaign helps your nonprofit to deal with its immediate costs for operation, and you need to make sure that this year's efforts are fruitful. Your consultant can help you develop new ideas for an annual campaign that helps to generate excitement among your staff while also presenting your nonprofit as flourishing and making a difference in the community. You'll also find that your consultant has ideas for annual campaigns that you might not have though of before, and they'll perform an analysis to help your team determine which one will be the most effective for helping your company meet its fundraising goals.

Form New Connections With Donors

The restructuring of your company might have generated some concerns among your current donors. Some may be upset to see certain members of the board leave, while others may just feel a sense of upheaval that makes them less likely to donate. Your consultant can help you strengthen your company's relationship with current donors. You will also gain insight into what can help inspire new donors to commit to helping your company. Finding ways to develop relationships with new and current donors gives you an edge when it is time to launch your new fundraising campaign.

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