Using Screw Piles When Installing Or Extending A Deck

If you are going to install a new deck or extend an already existing one, you should use screw piles. The purpose of screw piles is to create a solid foundation for your deck and they are a better alternative to floating deck blocks and concrete pillars. 

Screw Pile Installation

With a screw pile, the post is screwed into the ground to an appropriate depth and are then left in the ground as a permanent part of the structure. You will not have any problems with the screw piles as long as you place them properly and make sure that they are level. 

Screw piles are faster and easier to install. You will not have to excavate your back yard while installing your deck, which creates a much more unsightly result.

Penetrating Rocky Soil

If you have a property with a lot of rocks, you'll want to hire a contractor to install your screw piles because they will need to use specialized machines. If you do not have a lot of rocks, you could purchase screw piles from a building supply store and install them yourself.

Digging the Hole

When installing the screw pile yourself, you'll need to dig a hole that is about four to five feet under the freezing zone of your property. One method you can use to install the screw pile is with a lever. You may need an extension to screw the pile deeper into the soil. 

Ensuring the Stability of the Screw Pile

The wooden portion of the screw pile should be entirely above ground. This will ensure that the screw pile remains tough and durable. The steel structure of the screw pile resists soil movement and ground freezing. The helical drive ensures that the screw pile will be sturdy. There are four screw sizes and the heavier your deck will be, the larger the size must be.

The number of screw piles you will need will depend on how large your deck will be and whether you have sandy or clay soil. Also, the size of the helix that you'll need will vary based on the soil condition. Rocky soil will require a smaller helix and marshy or clay soil will require a larger helix. For this reason, you'll need to have the composition of your soil analyzed either by yourself or by a professional. Fortunately, regardless of the type of property you have, there will be a screw pile that can secure your deck effectively.