Adhesive Patches: A Must For Modern Diabetics

Diabetes is a very serious condition. A diabetic must constantly monitor his or her blood glucose levels to avoid a reading that is too high or too low. Allowing the blood glucose to stray too far toward either end of the scale could be life-threatening.

Fortunately, modern medicine has given rise to some useful devices that can help to closely monitor glucose levels at all times. A continuous blood glucose monitor is worn day and night for a set period of time.

Attached with a special adhesive patch, the monitoring device can measure blood glucose levels without needing a blood sample.

Preserve Skin Integrity

One of the most compelling reasons diabetic patients are turning to adhesive devices is to preserve the integrity of their skin.

Older forms of blood glucose monitoring require that a finger be pricked each time a measurement is taken. For a diabetic that needs to measure his or her blood glucose levels multiple times throughout the day, this constant pricking can create a lot of discomfort.

A continuous blood glucose monitor measures using interstitial fluids. A single prick occurs when the device is adhered to the body using an adhesive patch, and the device can monitor glucose levels for days.

Personalize the Sensor

Another reason why adhesive patches are so popular among modern diabetics is that they offer the opportunity for patients to personalize their medical equipment. Wearing a continuous blood glucose sensor can make a diabetic feel self-conscious.

Instead of having the sensor noticed for the wrong reasons, adhesive patches help the sensor get noticed for making a style statement, Adhesive patches come in a variety of colors and designs to match almost any taste. Some patches are even cut into unique shapes that can further personalize a diabetic sensor.

Being able to use a glucose sensor as an accessory as well as a lifesaving medical device can help diabetic patients feel more confident throughout the day.

Personalized adhesive patches can be especially helpful in getting young adults to monitor their glucose levels regularly by eliminating any perceived stigma from wearing the device.

Don't let your diabetes hinder your personal sense of style or cause you any more discomfort than necessary. Ask your doctor about personalized adhesive patches for your continuous glucose monitoring device. These patches are waterproof, flexible, and easy to apply and remove.

Adhesive patches, such as Dexcom G6 patches, can make the difference between an enjoyable monitoring experience and a day filled with pain and ridicule.