Tips For Choosing A Paddle Board For Yoga

If you're a passionate yoga practitioner who is always looking for a new challenge, you might be eager to try some postures on a stand-up paddle board. You've undoubtedly seen people practicing yoga in this unique location, and this may compel you to visit a local body of water and rent a paddle board. Most paddle board rental companies have a variety of products for you to consider, and while it's possible to do yoga on virtually any style of paddle board, you'll want to choose the right one for this activity. Here are some tips for choosing a paddle board for yoga.

Get A Wide Board

As you browse the different types of paddle boards that are available to rent, you'll notice that they vary in width. For your goal of doing yoga on the water, you'll definitely want to choose a paddle board that is as wide as possible. Extra width is valuable for a couple of reasons. The wider a paddle board is, the more stability it offers — something that is critical for keeping you on the board rather than tumbling into the water. A wider board also gives you more space to move around, which is ideal for performing a variety of poses.

Look For A Large Deck Mat

You'll also notice that different paddle boards have different sizes of deck mats. This is the mat that covers part of the top of the board and offers traction under your feet. Some deck mats are relatively small, while others extend over the majority of the upper surface of the board. You'll want to look for a paddle board that has a sizable deck mat, as it will help to you keep your feet — and, depending on the pose that you're performing, your knees or even your hands — stable.

Try To Avoid A Bungee Cord

Some paddle boards have bungee cords that zigzag across the top of the board toward the front. This addition is ideal for carrying items with you while you're out on the water. For example, for someone who rents a paddle board and intends to enjoy a picnic on the water, he or she can keep a small lunch bag secured under the bungee cord. For a yoga practitioner, however, this cord can get in the way. It could be a nuisance underfoot or could even trip you. Ideally, you can find a paddle board that doesn't have this accessory.

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