Opening A Sex Toy Shop: Things You Should Know First

My Pleasure Products, and other companies that produce adult sex toys, are often suppliers of sex toy shops. This business is one of the highest grossing types of business in the U.S., with health and fitness products taking a close second. If you are considering opening a sex toy shop where you live, here are a few things you should know first. 

Restrictions for Locations

A lot of these adult toy shops can only be opened where your city and state allow you to open them. In many states, the shops have to be located out of sight from areas where children and minors regularly roam. This means that your shop may be opened along an access road on a stretch of highway where there are not that many other businesses, or in the outskirts of a big city. If you live in a major metropolis like New York City, the adult toy shops have specific locations, but they are also under other restrictions in order to exist in neighborhoods with minors close by. 

Occluded Views

Ever wonder why adult toy shops and adult entertainment venues have zero windows through which you can peep? It is because there are very strict laws in place forbidding the viewing of sex toys, videos, strip shows, etc., with minors walking around. If you open a shop, you have to blacken the windows, or make sure that the building you purchase or rent has no windows at all. Your city will not provide you with an operator's license if you cannot occlude the windows to protect minors. 

No Minors Allowed

Speaking of minors, no minors are allowed in your shop, ever. Even the store clerks you hire have to be eighteen, unless you hire your own adolescent children (sixteen and up!) to work your shop. In some states, not even your older adolescent children are allowed in the shop, despite the fact that they know what kind of shop you own and operate. You have to post signs at the front door that disallow minors from entering, and keeping a video camera positioned on the front door so that you can head minors off at the pass before they try to get to far into the store is essential. 

No Open Screenings of Porn or Graphic Demonstrations of Toys

Additionally, you cannot screen porn openly in the store. If you are granted extra licensing, you may have private screening rooms for viewing samples of porn videos. Likewise, graphic demonstrations of sex toys are not allowed. If customers want to know how to use a specific adult toy, they need to either order the video, or ask you or someone in the shop about it.