A Hair Mineral Analysis Test Kit Is Easy To Use And The Results Reveal Potential Health Threats

Vitamins and herbs get a lot of attention when it comes to maintaining health, but minerals are very important too. When your minerals are out of balance, you could have symptoms such as brain fog, muscle twitching, and fatigue. Maintaining essential minerals in the optimal range is important for good health, while too little or too many of certain types of minerals can be detrimental. The best way to understand the mineral status of your body is through a hair mineral test you can have done by using a mail-in kit. Here's why this is effective and how it works.

Minerals Accumulate In Your Hair

The hairs on your head can last for years before they fall out if they're healthy. All during this time, minerals from your bloodstream are deposited in your hair. The new growth near your roots gives a good picture of your recent mineral status while old growth near the ends of your hair reflect your mineral status in the past. Hair samples are usually taken near the roots to reflect the last several months of growth. This gives a more accurate reflection of your current mineral status.

You May Need To Let Dyed Hair Grow Out

You'll want to follow instructions that come with your hair mineral analysis test kit carefully so nothing causes the test to give false readings. For example, hair dye that contains minerals or heavy metals can affect the results of the test, so you may be advised to wait a specific amount of time so you can cut away hair that's grown out since your hair was dyed. Certain medicated shampoos or even a vinegar rinse might affect results, so take time to read all the literature that comes with your kit so you send the best sample possible for the most accurate results.

You Cut A Sample And Send It To The Lab

You can order a hair mineral analysis yourself without your doctor's order. Do this by purchasing a kit that includes the price of the kit and the cost of testing. You can buy different brands of kits that test for different things, but the most comprehensive test is the most informative. When you cut your hair sample, enclose it in the envelope and mail it to the lab. You'll be notified of the results in a few weeks. Depending on the company you use, you might also be given recommendations on what to do about results that are out of the normal range.

What The Results Show

A hair mineral analysis will show results for a wide variety of minerals such as magnesium and arsenic. It may also show results for metals such as mercury and aluminum. If your results show you're low in minerals or high in metals, you can share the results with your doctor or natural health professional and find ways to correct the imbalance and possibly improve your health as a result. You can do a hair analysis on both adults and children, so you may want to buy kits for your kids too, especially if they have health problems.