A Custom Closet In The Hallway Makes Life Easier For Paying Guests

If you rent out rooms through an online booking service, positive reviews will help the cause. Vacationers won't rush to spend money on a one-star rental. Even an average or fair rating gives travelers pause for thought. Even homeowners new to "gig economy room bookings" know to keep a room clean and provide decent amenities. Newbies to the business opportunity, however, may overlook extra amenities that mean better reviews. When you're not personally available to address a renter's needs, the home should have some "self-service" attributes. For example, presenting a reliably stocked custom closet can keep help customers happy under certain circumstances.

The Custom Central Closet

Each room has to have a closet. A sizeable one would be best. Adding a customized central closet to the hallway also has a benefit to the guests and the landlord. Guests can easily access the oversized closet from their rooms at any time. The contents of the closet would include things not found in the room closets. So, if the vacationers need extra towels or sheets, they know where to go. And don't think a need won't come up at the worst possible time.

Late-Night Snacks and Subsequent Disasters

Late-night eating in bed isn't the best idea. People do it anyway. One mishap, and that double-chocolate milkshake goes all over the sheets. Your guest might blame him or herself at first. But when they go to their closet and don't see spare sheets, their anger ends up directed at the host. Anger often finds its way, fairly or not, into an online review. You didn't tip over the milkshake, but you suffer the consequences. Perhaps you won't if the custom closet in the hallway houses tons of extra sheets, towels, pillowcases, and more. The added expense of installing a custom closet might provide some insurance against unhappy, inconvenienced guests. And a full closet shores up that insurance in a way a dresser won't.

A Custom Closet Could Work Well

Placing a dresser out in the hallway means there's a bulky object taking up space. A closet that is newly installed inside the wall doesn't block the hall or present something unsightly. Even better, a custom closet design can support better organization. Carefully selected shelves can best fit the items intended for them. Everything's easier to see, which means guests won't struggle to find anything.

A running theme exists here: make the stay as convenient and complaint-free for guests as possible by including a stocked closet in the hallway. Contact a company like American Built In Closets to learn more about options for adding a closet.