3 Places To Look For CDL Truck Driver Positions

Do you have your CDL and want to find work? If you have been struggling to find a job as a CDL truck driver, you might not be looking in the right places. If you have a resume and are serious about landing a good job where you can make decent money, there are a few places where you can start looking for available positions.

Your Local Newspaper

Check the local newspaper in your area when searching for CDL truck driver positions. Most local newspapers will have a classifieds section where employers can post about the different positions they have available. It is quite common to find truck driver positions posted in the newspaper with more details about the number of hours you would need to work and the amount of money you would make per hour. The advertisement would include contact information for you to get in touch with the employer. You could find out where to send your resume and information and then wait to get a call back from the employer.

Online Job Boards

When you are not having much luck finding CDL truck driver positions in the local newspaper, you should check the online job boards. You can easily find several websites that post legitimate jobs that are available to the public. You can use the search feature on these sites to specifically look for CDL truck driver positions instead of wasting your time looking at jobs that you have no interest in applying for. You may end up finding quite a few different positions with various companies that are looking for reliable CDL truck drivers to take on some work.

Social Media Sites

Even after looking in the newspaper and applying to CDL truck driver jobs that you find on different job boards, you can still search social media for job listings. For example, you can look at the pages of some of the well-known trucking companies in the industry to see if they have posted about any job openings for CDL truck drivers. You might find something that interests you. While you may not find something right away on social media, you can always choose to follow those companies on social media to find out when they are hiring drivers in the future.

When you want to work as a CDL truck driver, you need to apply for as many positions as possible until you get hired. You can start looking for positions in your local newspaper, on various online job boards, and even on social media sites. If you continue to look, you will surely find something in no time. Start looking for CDL truck driver positions today.