Why You Want Both a Material and Rider Mezzanine Lift On Hand

Both material (non-rider) lifts and rider mezzanine lifts are essential in any storage facility or warehouse. However, rider lifts, which can transport people along with material goods, offer so many benefits that the plain material lift sometimes gets left behind. If you have space in your warehouse and have multiple mezzanine structures, you may want to have both types of lifts installed, with one mezzanine served by a rider lift and another by a non-rider lift. These give workers an option if they need to lift something when no one else is available.

The Advantages of a Material Lift

The pros of rider mezzanine lifts are rather obvious: by allowing a worker to ride up to the mezzanine with the products on the lift, that worker can unload the lift without needing extra personnel. Material lifts, which serve a similar purpose but do not allow workers to ride on the lift with the goods, may seem more inefficient at first as there would need to be another worker already up on the mezzanine to unload the lift or the worker below would need to get up onto the mezzanine somehow.

But there is an advantage there. With one person loading items onto the lift and another up above and unloading the products, storing items on the mezzanine may actually go more quickly. Both persons need to monitor the lift while it's in action. However, when the person below is loading items onto the platform, the person above can use that time to organize what's already up there. With a one-person rider lift, one person is loading, unloading, and organizing.

Material Lifts and Installation

Rider lifts installation can be difficult due to their larger sizes. Material lifts, as they don't need to allow for room for a person, can be smaller and easier to install on-site. Do be aware of local and federal codes; you may need an elevator installer to work on the material lift because of specific operating codes. Also, be aware that material lifts need to be clearly marked as being off-limits to people; no workers can take a shortcut up to the mezzanine by hopping aboard a non-rider lift when no one's looking.

Overall, it's ideal to have a customized mezzanine lift on your worksite to benefit you and your team. If you'd like to learn more about your options, consider contacting local lift sales companies through websites such as dumbwaiters.com.